Looking to break into sports? Tired of applying to hundreds of jobs online with zero response? Sick of being told you don’t have enough experience or the right skills for the job? Do you wonder how you are supposed to gain those skills if no one will hire you?

Interested in pursuing a career in sports through sales, sales management, and/or customer service?

The Sports Jobs Playbook is just what you need. For a FAQ, click here.

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Since 1995, Game Face has served as a trusted ally to hundreds of sports organizations, at all levels, around the world. We are recognized as the original and leading provider of sales and service training in the sports industry. Teams routinely invest thousands of dollars to invite us on-site to consult with and develop the skills of their employees. Thousands of sports professionals, ranging from entry-level sales executives to power brokers in the industry, improve their careers as a result of our guidance and training content every day.

Since 1999, the Game Face Executive Search Division has assisted over 500 sports executives break into sports or advance their careers. The positions we’ve filled include entry-level sales and service (inside sales, account executive, client services, et al.), senior-level producers (suites, sponsorships, premium seating, et al.), mid-level management posts (inside sales manager, director of ticket sales, corporate services director, et al.), and senior-leadership position (president, VP, GM, et al.).

We’ve designed the The Sports Jobs Playbook to combine the strengths of both our Training and Search Divisions in order to provide you the tools and insider knowledge necessary to break into sports and the skills to succeed once you’ve landed a position.

What do I get as a member?

First, let’s cover what The Sports Jobs Playbook is not. The Playbook is not a required training class or course of instruction, nor does membership satisfy requirements for any type of licensing, certification, accreditation or education credentials. We are not certified teachers and we will not supervise or monitor your work or application of the proven techniques and insider knowledge shared throughout the Playbook.

What we will do instead is share with you skill development tools to assist you in reaching your goal of breaking into sports.

As an “Insider” member, you will receive 24/7/365 access to over 15 hours of Game Face sales and service training content delivered through streaming video. This is part of the same sales and service training delivered to over 400 front offices and 25,000 sports executives over the last 15 years. Members will have access to the resources necessary to develop the very skills the industry is begging for from entry-level hires. Diligent review and practice of the information we share will help you learn to speak the same language that hiring authorities speak. During interviews, you’ll be prepared and sound like an insider. More than anything else, teams want to hire people who understand the business and can hit the ground running. With practice and the right information, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that!

What’s in the video?

Through streaming video, members of The Sports Jobs Playbook receive 15 hours of the core content Game Face provides its team clients.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Studying these videos, taking meticulous notes you can review often, engaging in the exercises described in the videos, and finding ways to apply the principles and techniques in real life situations will assist you in developing the same sales, service, and marketing skills the sports industry wants and needs. Because members receive the same content that teams provide their own staff, those who have an understanding of Game Face concepts, strategies, and principles have the skills sports hiring managers’ value when they are looking to add to their teams.

Video topics include:

The First Principle for All Successful Sports Franchises
The universal truth all sports operators need to know to run a successful sports property

Second and Third Principles in Professional Sports
Creating demand for your product when it’s not living up to expectations

“7 Skills to Success” Overview
The 7 Skills that all sports executives possess as they climb the ladder to success

Skill One: Building Trust
The power of relationships to get ahead in sports
How 15 seconds may make or break your success

Skill Two: A Thorough Assessment
Understanding your fans and corporate partners

Skill Three: The Presentation
Communicating your message effectively to fans and clients

Skill Four: Overcoming Obstacles to your Career
Keys to becoming an industry problem-solver

Skill Five: Opening the Doors of Success
Understanding the secret to progress and prosperity

Skill Six: True Partnerships
The Law of Reciprocity and other tips on how to enhance connections with long-term partners

Skill Seven: Long Term Success
Successful sports executives know that if you do the right things, long enough, consistently, success will follow

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